The uniqueness of gold reflects the eye and everyone like its brightness and shininess. The flakes which are the smallest are easily removed. Gold always played an important role in human life in the past as well as at present.

Gold was considered as the first element which was collected by man and it was also prized. This was indicated by Anthropological excavations of Stone Age burial sites. They are also formed in the nuggets form. This was having higher prize but it was not used practically. Many new applications of gold were also invented by the man. Gold has its intrinsic beauty.

On Antarctica, gold is not mined in this continent. Except this continent, gold is mined on all the continents. In South Africa, in the Witwatersrand District are the richest areas of the world that produce gold. It contains 18000 tons of gold with no end. Few more areas which bear gold are Siberia in the former USSR, the Porcupine District in Ontario, Canada and in the United States the Yukon District of Alaska and the famous Mother Lode District in California.

Nature was kind in the United States. For the commercial production of gold, 32 states were calculated. The western states, California, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada and South Dakota are the areas where yielding is located. Few more areas have also been noticed which are, Arkansas, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Washington, New Mexico, Wyoming, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Vermont, Georgia and New Hampshire. 

The symbol of wealth, power and status was considered gold for more than 6000 years. It has been studied that from long ago, when the history was being taught the men and women use to wear expensive gold which looked amazing. The Egyptian boy who was the king Tutankhem in 1350 BC, was interred in a coffin highly for spreading from 242 pounds of the gold which was solid. Today also, in the marriages gold is considered a good source of gift and expression of joy and is exchanged in the ceremonies.

The gold was sprinkled in different forms which includes dust, flake or leaves on their food items for their domestic wealth. In food, gold is still sometimes used by the people and contain the E number 175. The metallic gold is tasteless as it is not moving to all the chemicals of the body metabolism. It does not have any medicinal effect as well and the body left is just unchanged.

The healing properties of gold are focused by the modern esotericists who told the physical properties. The gold which are used as pharmaceutical for the treatment of arthritis and other diseases contain anti-inflammatory features. Inside the body, metallic gold are inert to all the chemicals. The pharmacological value is only of the salts and radioisotopes of gold.

Storehouse of value is termed as gold. It is utilized by the men in order to keep himself protective and safe at the time of need and difficulty. Gold has reduced many problems of men today and even in the past it was of great value.

Gold is considered to be the crowned king of all the metals; this was named this in the past as well. Gold has now considered as the monetary exchange. This currency of gold is your own property and you are the one who need to take care of it. The value of gold is only due to its purity and its uniqueness; it does not depend upon any political decline, financial cartel or any other issues.

The London Golden Market produced the day to day world price of gold and gold items which rated the gold bullion and coins according to other centers which includes Hong Kong, Zurich, Frankfurt and Paris. The prices may differ if the impurities are found in the gold. The rates of the gold are made by its purity and quality. It is considered that the prices of raw gold which is sold as the specimen and even jewelry are sold on the higher rates. The nuggets of gold are entirely different from each other. For instance we can say snowflakes. It can be easily sold as more as five times when it is compared to its weight.

The old jewelry sometimes gets broken. So do you have any broken set which you can’t use now? You can get the money from that broken gold piece. You can simply sell out that broken piece and get handsome amount on its behalf and with the addition of some money you can now buy some good jewelry.

You should learn how to calculate the karat count in order to sell your gold at right cost. Usually the 24k gold is alloyed with the base metals for several uses which are in jewelry, color, texture, hardness, melting point and ductility. The gold karat which is of lower karat values as 22k, 18k 14k and even 10k contain different alloys which are of copper and silver. The more the karat of your gold, the better price you will be getting of that item.

You should concern local jewelry if you just need to sell few stones of your gold. Or you can also visit to an antique shop. They will help you to get the better sale and will guide you with the accurate artist who will keep this in consideration and in this way you can get better gold sale price.

It is believed that rise in gold or anything is the natural phenomenon, but it is in real a hidden form of taxation. Why is this so? Is increase in anything is good sign or considered bad? 

This is considered to be the most efficient form of market. People now compete for wealth as well. For the operation, the economy is rarely permitted in such way. The government is involved in this in many different ways. By taxation, government charges the people with their money and they return the money to other people through entitlement schedules or simply by sending them.

The government in this way tries to please many people they can. This is something natural which offend just little people which are possible. This is very easy for them if the taxes are kept hidden. To several discrete subgroups this can be given by the government, without any cost of alienating other groups. How is it possibly done?

The cost of government is obvious when we talk about the control of money; this is due to that the dollar given by government is obviously commanded by government which is subtracted from any source. What will happen when the government can make the money out of thin air? This is basically known as fiat currency. The stability to survive is dependent upon fiat currency, but when we compare commodity currency so that is dependent upon the value or rarity of the commodity which is considered to be independent of the government. A natural and permanent right of government is the people which are in US which are considered to regard fiat currency. This is as of the recent development made. It was distributed by the founding fathers with full zest.

Inflation is allowed by fiat currency, it is considered to be the rate which is faster than the economy rate and it is considered to be the creation of the currency.

By any example it can be clearer to us. If an island has $100 on it and $100 value of supplies, what happens if the island's people learn how to produce goods worth $10, at the same time as the government prints up an extra $10 in currency? The result will be that nothing, in lockstep the currency has grown as well as the economy has also grown. Both the currency and goods retain equal value.

What will happen if the government adds an extra $100 and give it without the increase in the amount of goods? This is supposed to be inflation in which there is growth in the money which is relative to the gold which is present. The rates of all the goods will automatically increase twice in money relative to goods.

When the government generates at a deficit, what it is doing by description is expenditure money without having taxed it out of anyone earliest. It is printing money into survival and spending on it. Since it cost it in a variety of traditions it makes in receipt of classes (owners and selected welfare groups) cheerful. This income is considered to be active and thoroughly given but this can be understood by few people only. People think of it as to give without taking, but administration can not at all really do this. For the reason that it is spending without earlier taxing, there is no supporting cost for pleasing the money and spending it no counterbalance to hold back management. The result is of course raising affinity to increase and use.

Not only are these considered for the increase and to spend on giving the wealth in different ways, it also skews the financial system, more and more "punishing" economically viable actions and "rewarding" efficiently foolish actions or circumstances. This is due to that United states has started this process, which is a self preservation spirit which is advised strongly by reducing your holdings of fiat currency and it also increase your holdings of that the other currencies like commodity currency.

In the world, gold is considered to be the primary form of commodity currency.

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The prices of gold are rising very high which is giving different impact on the buyers. This will stay at the same place for some time.

Federal Reserve and Gold Prices

The actions of Federal Reserve is considered t be the most important catalyst. The printing of money, to get bonds, or implement quantitative easing was based on the commitment from Chairmen Ben Bernanke who continued this. This all give the same result in the same consequences.

This produces in the degrading of the US dollar which continues to produce an invalid debt level.

In the future, if these quantitative easing were stopped, so from the actions the fall out of the Federal Reserve will remain with us for much time which can last for years or more.

This is considered to be the most important factor which helps to know about the ongoing rise in the prices of gold.

Interest charge

The most important factor is supposed to be the low rate interest climate which benefits from the prices of

Ben Bernanke said that it won’t go much high till the economy is weak. This is also told by the action of Federal Reserve. The main problem still is that to the contrary to some reports, this economy is considered to be a disaster still and there is no other way Bernanke will increase the rates of interest any time he thinks.

It will help the gold to be protected as far as it is concerned. And in this way it can be somehow helpful for people.

Economic flaw

Ever since, we had the worst economy with the tech bubble burst, and there are no recovery found till then.

This is all done in the response of the high rate of the federal debt to the unsustainable levels, but it is of no use also. More people or you can say students enter in to the markets, but still there are no jobs available for them and the economy is still is disaster.

Banks aren't lending also, which is in fact what the problem is at the back. The basis they aren't lending is since of the risk they be familiar with is there, and the reason many businesses aren't even attempting to get loans is there are a small number of increase opportunities that would give cause for the debt load.

In America, this is considered to be the fact which leads the growth of economy.

For the support puzzle of gold, this is another way.

US dollar Collapse

Many people around are losing their power to purchase, this we have discussed earlier as well. And in history this has never been recorded when it comes about that it is dropping so easily today.

The US dollar will be at low rate if the sovereign debt crisis comes down more easily to the pressure on the euro.

But it is also noticed that there is nothing available that will change the rise or decline of the rates of the dollar, this is because there is no will or the political will which will help to take such important steps.

This is very important news for the people who invest on gold. As they think this is the most lawful form of currency. Some people also identify it as gold bugs.

This is because of the truthiness of the degrading of the greenback.

Sovereign Debt Crisis

In Europe, it was supposed that gold was protected by the sovereign debt crisis and it is not good that the US dollar and gold abandon gone up at the same time. When we talk about gold, it goes very high and as the depth of crisis which is understood.


It has been noticed that when it comes down, the prices of gold are interlinked to the fall of socialism, which is invalid and made a culture of entitlement over the world.

Over the whole universe, this will happen many times till the fall of socialism is agreed upon.


To protect against increase in the prices is considered to be the last point in which the gold and other commodities are the ways in which we can place the money. This have little effect on different investment vehicles.