It is believed that rise in gold or anything is the natural phenomenon, but it is in real a hidden form of taxation. Why is this so? Is increase in anything is good sign or considered bad? 

This is considered to be the most efficient form of market. People now compete for wealth as well. For the operation, the economy is rarely permitted in such way. The government is involved in this in many different ways. By taxation, government charges the people with their money and they return the money to other people through entitlement schedules or simply by sending them.

The government in this way tries to please many people they can. This is something natural which offend just little people which are possible. This is very easy for them if the taxes are kept hidden. To several discrete subgroups this can be given by the government, without any cost of alienating other groups. How is it possibly done?

The cost of government is obvious when we talk about the control of money; this is due to that the dollar given by government is obviously commanded by government which is subtracted from any source. What will happen when the government can make the money out of thin air? This is basically known as fiat currency. The stability to survive is dependent upon fiat currency, but when we compare commodity currency so that is dependent upon the value or rarity of the commodity which is considered to be independent of the government. A natural and permanent right of government is the people which are in US which are considered to regard fiat currency. This is as of the recent development made. It was distributed by the founding fathers with full zest.

Inflation is allowed by fiat currency, it is considered to be the rate which is faster than the economy rate and it is considered to be the creation of the currency.

By any example it can be clearer to us. If an island has $100 on it and $100 value of supplies, what happens if the island's people learn how to produce goods worth $10, at the same time as the government prints up an extra $10 in currency? The result will be that nothing, in lockstep the currency has grown as well as the economy has also grown. Both the currency and goods retain equal value.

What will happen if the government adds an extra $100 and give it without the increase in the amount of goods? This is supposed to be inflation in which there is growth in the money which is relative to the gold which is present. The rates of all the goods will automatically increase twice in money relative to goods.

When the government generates at a deficit, what it is doing by description is expenditure money without having taxed it out of anyone earliest. It is printing money into survival and spending on it. Since it cost it in a variety of traditions it makes in receipt of classes (owners and selected welfare groups) cheerful. This income is considered to be active and thoroughly given but this can be understood by few people only. People think of it as to give without taking, but administration can not at all really do this. For the reason that it is spending without earlier taxing, there is no supporting cost for pleasing the money and spending it no counterbalance to hold back management. The result is of course raising affinity to increase and use.

Not only are these considered for the increase and to spend on giving the wealth in different ways, it also skews the financial system, more and more "punishing" economically viable actions and "rewarding" efficiently foolish actions or circumstances. This is due to that United states has started this process, which is a self preservation spirit which is advised strongly by reducing your holdings of fiat currency and it also increase your holdings of that the other currencies like commodity currency.

In the world, gold is considered to be the primary form of commodity currency.

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