Gold bullion are usually defined as the gold bars and the refined gold coins. They are found in different shapes and sizes; they are also formed in different types. This article emphasizes you on the importance of buying gold bars from your near shop. 

Do you really know that why you need to purchase gold bars?

Some people think to purchase gold in different forms like coins, jewelry and many more. Many people buy such items for investing purposes and want to get many savings from them. It is important that you go through all the advantages and disadvantages of buying gold bars which have some side effects which can be easily reduced. 
Past Prices of Gold:

Nowadays it has been observed that the prices of gold are increasing rapidly. It was estimated that gold prices were closed at a rate of $414.80 a troy ounce in 2003. The price estimated in 2008 was double the price studied in the year 2003 which is approximately $930 for a troy ounce. You should try to get more knowledge of past about the gold you are buying which will make you realize that prices are increasing as with the passage of time. But it is also true that the performance of past doesn’t reflect its future.

Pureness and Weightage:

The supply and demand of the gold proves its purity and rates. But the two major things which should be focused must be the weight of the gold and the purity.

Cleanliness: the government backed the gold to the purity up to 99.99% pure but the normal purity which is considered is 99.98%. Usually the gold is imprinted with the purity label.

Heaviness: the sizes of gold ranges from about 1 gram (.035274 ounces) and goes till the range of 440 grams which is equal to just 1 lb. larger the gold bar will be, the more will be the chances to get good quality piece of gold. The prices of the heavy gold are more when they are compared to the smaller ones. 
Standard that should be available in Gold Bars:

Four marks are found in every gold bar which define its uniqueness, they are: 
· The brand name must be labeled by the refiner
· The weight should be noted in troy ounces
· Percentage of its purity
· The bar serial number

Make it clear that you need to check them before buying any gold item. Try to avoid purchasing from internet through which fraud can be done, so try to purchase from a famous dealer.

Right decision of Choosing Dealer:

It is very important to keep in mind that from you are buying gold bars or gold. As it is about the money you are paying to them. Try to purchase such items from reliable source and who are the real dealers of gold bars. Make sure the test and assays are performed before buying them and should give you guarantee that the gold is pure. It is very necessary to get gold from any respectable dealer as it is the matter of
your savings and future. 

Keep in mind, if you purchase online gold bars so dealer must send you it through registered insured mail or
some other useful way which can help you to get the best gold. It warrants the armored service of the car delivery. So a person must keep in mind that they are not being cheated by anyone.

Saving your earnings:

It is considered very easy to store your savings if they are light weight so in this way you can easily protect and save them from any damage. In the deposit box of your bank you can easily keep your savings save. But you should remember one thing that they are not FDIC insured. You need to focus on the protection of your gold and other valuable items when dealing with the right person. Read more about "Saving Your Earnings By Purchasing Gold Bars" here.

It has been estimated by the experts that the prices of gold will rise to double or even to triple of the prices found now which then will prove to be a better investment. The people who invest gold for their future lead a happy and easy life. 

It has always seen that gold is the precious metal which is widely used. It is also considered as the treasury for both the government as well as for the person who supplies gold. There is no comparison of gold. The prices of gold are always high which help people to save from buying gold and then investing it. Following are few prices that for you I have explained which are:

Prices of gold:

The prices of gold are always talking in the sky. The reason behind the rise in the prices of gold is that it grows rapidly and is always appreciated by the people. With the rise in economic, gold is such a product which is linked with it. It does not only fall when the prices of dollars decrease. It is obvious that the wealth all over the world are linked with each other. The main disadvantage of rising in the prices is that people don’t value the currency and their faith declines. After the year 1972, the climb in gold prices took place when then US president Nixon closed the standard of the gold. This is observed by the dealers and experts of that time. The US government has taken benefit from the rise in the prices of gold and it was selling freely to the people of the world.

Gold reduction:

India, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada, China, New Zealand and many countries are considered to be the producing nation of gold. As it is widely needed today, its value has reduced and availability also in mines. In Kolar located in India, the gold was first brought there but now due to depletion it has stopped its production over there. May be many wont agree with this statement that gold has being reduced these days but it is true fact that the quantity of gold around the world is not too much now as compared to before. It has been quoted by the laws state that any product which is inadequate will goes high when it
comes to prices.

Demands of gold:

All around the people are still demanding for gold although they know the prices are talking to sky, this is because it is a good source to keep money save for the future time. For investment reason it has been calculated that only 25% is used which includes gold bonds. By the US the country which was popular for having gold was considered as India.

History of gold:

Every day it has been observed that gold with the rising in prices comes up with new look which attracts the people very much. The market of gold has always been a fish market. By the gold speculation, people try to make out the useful and benefits from the prices of gold. This is simple but though among the main reason for the increase of prices of gold. The prices of gold varies day by day and keep the people puzzled that what to do next. The people purchase gold in order to keep themselves away from the hikes before they need it. The speculators gain more profit from such thing with the rise in the prices of gold. Read more about the fiat currency history here.

Economical benefit:

We have seen that world is in trauma over more than half century. This is because of the two wars which took place. Such wars were not only fought by the men but also country requires pooling of the funds to get
the time costs. The government of US thus took action on it and banned the hoarding gold. People of that time considered better to keep gold in their pockets instead of placing cash.

It has been observed that the prices of gold are rising since 2001 and it has no decline over it. It will be the same only if fictional King Midas is alive again and make any such metal again then there is a chance of its decline else it will increase further more in several years. 
In this age of modern financial, to spend money in buying the gold bullion is the secure way to get your money saved. It is considered that the gold is the best way to keep the money saves for the hard time as gold is the strong saving way.

From this we can judge that gold is the best way to earn and keep the money save for both getting any loss or to just protect your wealth when you need it in hard time. 
It has been noticed that in few years back, the institutions have declined fast. And as a result of it the values in the banks are declining rapidly. But as compared to gold still the prices of gold are too high for anything. When the crisis was observed it was noticed that the prices of gold were at around $9000 per ounce. Just with the passage of time, its value has increased double of the cash. This return was for sometime when the prices of real estate and currency markets had fallen badly.

The other investments in this way fall badly and produces attractive piece of the gold as a metal. Confidence is the thing which made the currency market. The production of money is from low metal and in just a piece of paper. It has no such truth but the faith we have on it makes it some valuable. The money gets decreased when the currency market gets in trouble. It has been observed from past that many rich people have lost the entire amount so rapidly. This was observed in the year 1920’S in Germany. In the mid of the year 1922, it was considered that per dollar it has mark of 320. At the same year when it came to end it risen till 8000 marks per dollar. This goes on for several few years and in view of the fact that it happened on other events also.

In the economy which is balanced, there is a risk of happening this again. The main thing which can help you is only that you invest it in mixed way. After purchasing gold bullion bars, you can easily keep all worries aside as this will help you a lot in your hard time or at the time of sale. As we know that this is available now in just restricted amount of gold in the whole universe.

When there is hyper inflation, the step which government should take is that money can be minted. This can be helpful to avoid all the importance of cash which do exist apart from this.

You must keep something for your protection so buying gold is the best idea around also for the physical
control. When you decide to buy into the product shops so at that moment you get help by financial institutions. Always prefer physical gold for security purpose as it will never harm you and won’t let you down in any case.

After preferring gold bullion bars, its your duty to find the best dealers who deals on gold bullion which can be helpful for you in future.

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1) History of Fiat Currency

With fiat money having its roots in 11th century China, fiat currency has had a long and chequered history. Fiat currency is simply the term used for fiat money that is effectively the main currency of the country.

Yuan Dynasty

Fiat currency first emerged when the Yuan Dynasty of China started to print paper money without restrictions on duration, in order to fund their reign in the absence of sufficient specie. This led to hyperinflation. Eventually, by the mid-15th century, the new Ming Dynasty stopped printing paper money altogether in order to contain both hyperinflation and economic expansion.

Fiat Currency in the West

The first instance of fiat currency in the West came about when the issuing of paper money in Sweden was taken over by the Scandinavian country’s government. This happened in the latter half of the 17th century. Although paper money was inconvertible to specie by 1745, the government mandated its acceptance.

American Colonies

In the Thirteen Colonies, an early form of fiat currency was known as bills of credit. Notes were produced by provincial government, with the promise that holders would be allowed to pay taxes with those notes. The notes were issued for the purpose of paying current obligations and were called by levying taxes at a later point in time. They were circulated between individuals in non-tax transactions because they were denominated in the local unit of account. The colonies where bills of credit were most prevalent were Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The money was sold at a discount of silver, which was then spent by the government. It expired at a pre-agreed later time. Other colonies that had this fiat currency included New England and the Carolinas, where the bills of credit depreciated more dramatically than anywhere else.

As colonial powers continued to introduce fiat currencies backed by taxes such as poll taxes or hut taxes, a cycle of deflationary hard money followed by inflationary paper money continued repeatedly for the majority of the 18th and 19th centuries. The reason why the authorities kept introducing fiat currencies backed by taxes was because they needed to mobilize economic resources in their new possessions, in the context of a transitional arrangement, at least. The Federal Government introduced United States Notes during the course of the American Civil War. These represented a form of paper fiat currency that came to be commonly known as greenbacks.

World War One and Beyond

Although most governments had a legalized monopoly on bank notes and the legal tender status thereof by 1914, most of them still promised to redeem notes in specie on demand. However, as the war wore on, authorities moved to suspend redemption in specie due to the high costs of the military conflict and the accompanying policies of huge expansion. Due to a lack of direct penalty for doing so, governments were not directly responsible for the economic effects of printing more money. This inevitably led to hyperinflation, perhaps most notably in post-war Germany.

In consequent attempts to regain economic stability, pure fiat currency was combined with a form of convertibility via gold bullion exchange. This was done with the purpose of anchoring currency to gold bullion under the Bretton Woods system. This system was established in 1945, after an agreement was made at the Bretton Woods Conference to fix the value of 35 US dollars to one troy ounce of gold and then peg other currencies to the US dollar at fixed rates. This system lasted until 1971, when it collapsed as a result of President Richard Nixon ending the convertibility of the US dollar for gold.

Fiat currency has caused drama throughout history and does so to this day, if only theoretically. Nowadays, critics of fiat currency claim that the United States could use it as a dangerous financial weapon, as much of the rest of the world currently holds US debt and US dollars as central bank reserves. According to the supporters of this argument, fiat money could be printed in the US to cover its debts abroad, yet creditors are unable to sell the devalued US dollar off because doing so would destroy the purchasing power of their own dollar-denominated collections from the United States. It certainly is quite the conundrum.