It is now common every where to get the gold on same prices. It really does not make any sense. The demand of gold on one way is increasing rapidly.

Next, why the prices of gold are too high? What are the prices doing? The first thing that comes on our mind is Mediocre. In the whole world it has been noticed that the fireworks have taken place all around.

On few areas there is some links which are connected with each other.

Isn't the old law of supply and order still in effect? Isn't it still true that when people want more of incredible, its supply decreases and its price head north?

Or did the law acquire revoked, and we just not at all got the memo?


The things taking place on the Wall Street is something which you don’t know about. The stock are decreasing and getting worse loss in the value and how government is not taking any step.

This will be left on your brain forever as a memory.

There always a rush for the precious metals which are gold silver in many areas which includes Europe to Asia and even to America all over the world.

In one of the story which was in London’s Evening Standard, the sale of gold coins have been halting and said. "German gold dealers say demand has skyrocketed this past week to 10 times normal so no more orders can be taken for the foreseeable future."

The producer of gold and silver Philharmonics who is Muenze Osterreich was given report by Toni Straka of in which the third work was added to get more coins which was the extraordinary demand. 
The sale of these popular coins has stopped now which was after the introduction of gold Eagles 20 years
ago. It decided to give more quality supply to the dealers who buy those products.

It has spread widely. It has been predicted by Paul Joseph Watson that nowadays people are running towards eBay. He said "Since buyers are finding it near impossible to get gold bullion from recognized dealers, many are turning to eBay where auctions for one ounce Krugerrands and Maple Leafs are fetching anything up to 150 ($260) over spot price."

The demand for gold is increasing rapidly.

Its prices are also increasing with the increase in its demand.

What is this actually?

It is like that the tank of gas is full but the gauge is nil.

This is the prediction of many experts that in spite of $800s or $900s the gold rates should have gone to above something $1,100 an ounce. This is the conservative estimate which is provided to the destruction to the nation.

Why the separate? The Market Oracle's Alex Wallenwein believes he knows:

"Gold is gold, paper is paper, and 'Comex gold' is nothing but paper masquerading as gold while simultaneously pretending to be the price-setting medium for actual gold in the world. Now, finally, Comex-gold is in the process of being unmasked."

He further told that what this reveal has unmasking:

"The real supply and demand determinants for Comex gold are not actual gold investors but fund managers. Fund managers are inextricably intertwined with the world of contract-based credit instruments. They bet on Comex gold contracts to hedge their other (currently horrendously losing) bets with something they all, in their in-bred belief in paper markets, believe will 'go up' in value while everything else is going down."

Another perspective was taken by Trader Dan Norcini from it has been known that when the funds get redemption from the clients which need them badly who now wanted money in spite of investing on it, their manager are emphasized to give them to produce money in return.

Read more about this article here.


Is it a serious issue which is running here?

Are really the prices are red hot which pouring water on the metals with their forced redemption? Does the
Comex version somehow look alike with the happening of the dealers? Are the supplies and need in the real world?

It has been understood that the metal prices are shamelessly manipulated. This is the perspective from the anecdotal of a gold dealer.

The price is so low but the demand for it is so high.

Is the American Gold Eagle ready of gold?

The president of Lear Capital named Kevin DeMeritt who is also a author who publish focused on more than 1000 programs of the radio which are Rush Limbaugh and Coast to Coast with George Noory which explained the economy of the present and shown the clear picture.

Gold demand explodes and can only be maintained in view of these unique characteristics. Gold is a metal stainless and high electrical conductivity. It is very popular in the electronics industry (removal of solar radiation, radiation resistance, conductivity in printed circuit boards,). Industrial demand internationally, growing, offers great prospect for gold prices. A very interesting article, keep writing

Scott H

It's invaluable information to know that there are people out there trying to sucker uneducated individuals for their own personal gain. It's also comforting to know that there are people like you spreading information to help us avoid such swindlers.


A great article indeed. Lots to know about the original scenario behind the scene of the Gold market. Really, there are lots of things to be unmasked before someone get the proper grasp on the Gold market. Since the beginning of human civilization, gold was always been the international issue which was also covered by diplomacy and so far this is and will be in the future. So, it is quite not possible to unmask the reality of the gold market.

Kristine Joy Escarilla

At some point in time, the price of gold may reach its lowest. The uniqueness and purity of this metal are the actual determinants for its price. This definitely answers the question as to why the demand for gold is high yet its price is not in correlation with its demand. Also, it is definitely because the gold which seems to be gold is nothing more than paper being disguised as gold such as in the case of Comex gold.

ghifary kamal

Who even does not know about the Wall Street tragedy! There were people who were milliners last night but lost his/her everything on the next very morning. However government could not do anything at all on this issue. There are no best examples by which this highly speculative market can be envisaged. At the same points look at the gold. It is still booming. So I have to say those who have invested in gold market are the gainers. Thanks to the writer for this enlightening article.

Adnan S. Jatt

It is good to know the real thing going back in the market of gold. people get billions and some lose theirs. The price of gold is actually determined by the abundance and its karat value. Purer the gold more is the price, impurer the gold, lesser is the price. Since the beginning of gold market, gold has been coveted by many greedy gazes. So, prices are subjected to dirty politics too.


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